Art of Puzzles Jigsaw Pictures APK MOD Download For Free

Art of Puzzles Jigsaw Pictures APK MOD

Art of Puzzles APK MOD Download to play a brand new type of art game that offers you the ultimate aesthetic experience. It is a unique puzzle game where relaxing coloring is mixed with jigsaw puzzles. Calm down and solve with picture puzzles, explore beautiful landscapes, and admire dreamy imagery. Try this refreshing reimagination of art games and jigsaw puzzles for free! Original take on picture puzzle games! Match pieces to reveal art pictures!

In Art Puzzle, you will enjoy attractive hidden pictures that come to life as you attempt to guess the silhouettes of objects, fit all the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle into the right places, and win a relaxing art game. These calming puzzle games are an exciting experience that has completely revamped the traditional concepts of jigsaw, anti-stress coloring, and picture puzzles for free.

This jigsaw puzzle app is a super relaxing and aesthetically breathtaking kind of free art game. Once you begin this fantastic wit puzzle game, you will not be able to stop playing. Say farewell to boredom and stress with this challenging jigsaw puzzle because there are countless pictures for you to color; every single painting is aesthetically stunning and ingeniously conceptualized specifically for this relaxing art game mixed with the puzzle.

If you like such relaxing and stress-relief picture games as color by number, jigsaw, or stress puzzles for free, you will definitely love our aesthetic silhouette app! In Art Puzzle you need to find the right place for each jigsaw puzzle piece. As a result, you will win calming art games and bring beautiful stories to life.Art of Puzzles APK MOD Download

What’s New

  • Last updated on Aug 23, 2023
  •  Performance and stability improvements
  • We hope you enjoy playing Art Puzzle. We read all your reviews carefully to make the game even better for you. Please leave us some feedback to let us know why you love this game and what you’d like us to improve in it.


Android 5.1+

70.8 MB

4GB of Ram

More About Art of Puzzles Jigsaw Pictures APK MOD

Our anti-stress puzzle games include a large number of satisfying stories. Every jigsaw puzzle picture has been specially created for this picture art game. Each picture puzzle is a unique multilayered artwork.

Many different artists have created fascinating paintings in which you can immerse yourself, especially for these free art games. All art pictures of these relaxing games are hand-drawn with original styles and techniques to make these aesthetic jigsaw puzzle games even more unique.

Designed as a calming and relaxing puzzle game for stress-relieving, Art Puzzle will give you an opportunity to take a break and enliven your daily routine with a jigsaw puzzle.

At first sight, you may think that this color picture puzzle is quite simple. However, some spots are hidden from your eyes, so be ready for a challenge. We have created a simple but challenging tiles matching mechanic to enhance your gaming experience and to make these free art games even more interesting.

Art of Puzzles APK MOD Download

Game features

  • Solve aesthetic jigsaw puzzle for anti-stress!
  • Discover Art Puzzle games for free:
  •  Peaceful picture games with an entirely unique gaming experience.
  • A perfect fusion of two popular genres – art coloring and wit jigsaw puzzle.
  • Solve free puzzles, complete Daily Challenges, and get unique trophies as a real art master.
  • Join Seasonal Events, enjoy challenging jigsaw puzzle games, and get unique animated postcards.
  • Anti-stress jigsaw puzzle games with fascinating hand-drawn art content from different artists and art masters, each with their own original style and technique.
  • Stunning pictures come to life when you complete these calming jigsaw puzzles.

Art of Puzzles APK MOD Download


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