Fest AI Ghost Detector APK Mod Download For Free

Fest AI Ghost Detector APK Mod

Fest AI Ghost Detector APK Download to Turn your imagination into artwork with our Fest AI: Halloween Face Filters! Just give it a prompt choose a style, and watch as you imagine.
AI generates Halloween wallpaper, images, paintings, and digital art in a second. Besides that, explore the world of ghosts with the AI Ghost Detector by camera.

This special app uses your phone’s camera and radar to find and show spooky things that might give you a little scare. Give it a try and discover the mysteries of ghosts!

Key features:

  • Cartoonize everything into spooky photos
    With just one click, cartoon yourself and turn images into Halloween vibes effortlessly. Choose from a trendy AI filter, the Halloween Face Filter, stylized by iconic Halloween costumes. You can bring these chilling scenes to life. Simply upload or take photos to start conjuring AI Art: Halloween Avatar Filter.
  • Real-Life AI Ghost Detector
    Experience the thrill of spotting ghosts and spooky events through your device’s camera and radar! Watch realistic supernatural occurrences unfold right before you.
  • Capture Ghost detector moment
    Take pictures of ghosts and strange things you can’t explain. Keep the best ones to show others. This helps us understand spooky mysteries better.
  • Generate Halloween Wallpaper
    With Halloween face filters, you can conjure the wallpaper of your darkest nightmares. Thanks to FestAI, you just upload your image, behold a cartoon photo editor, and receive Ghost Filters photos in a minute.
  • Ghost trend for Halloween
    For ghost lovers, FestAI: AI Ghost Detector has many layouts of ghost makeup, cartoon ghost filters, vampire face filters, and zombie makeup to cartoon yourself and create a unique Halloween

Fest AI Ghost Detector APK DOWNLOAD


  • Free storage space for This app
  • 2GB of Ram

More About Fest AI Ghost Detector APK Mod

  •  Easily save & share your creations
    Save your memorable Halloween videos effortlessly in your gallery. Showcase your spooky AI cartoon photo gallery or ghost detector video to the world. Share your creations, including haunting portraits and pet images, on various social networks with friends, family, and fellow Halloween enthusiasts.
  •  Unlock your creative prowess and step into a world of spooky inspiration with FestAI: AI Ghost Detector. Experience AI cartoon photo editor as it turns your pictures into captivating Halloween-themed masterpieces. Experience strange things and engage in the spiritual world that you never have before.

Fest AI Ghost Detector APK DOWNLOAD

  • Disclaimer

All content and images generated by this app are created by AI and are not affiliated with any movie or TV series characters. We do not assume responsibility for any copyright-related issues concerning the images.

  • Free And easy-to-use FestAI
    No more struggling for you to cartoon yourself and take spooky pictures with FestAI: Ghost Filter. Forget complicated software!
Our AI image generator app is not only free but also incredibly easy to use. With just a few taps, anyone can turn their imagination into a spooktacular AI image.
Fest AI Ghost Detector APK Download

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